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NH State Council on the Arts

Fiscal Year 2025 Youth Arts Project Grant Guidelines

Deadline: Friday, April 12th

(to fund projects in the period of July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025):

Youth Arts Project (YAP) Grants fund high-quality educational opportunities in the arts. Arts learning fosters positive social and emotional skills and bolsters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. YAP grants broaden access to diverse forms of artistic and cultural practices and can engage youth in contributing to community goals. Grants fund programs in all arts disciplines including dance, theatre, media, music, visual arts, craft, and creative writing. NHSCA is committed to sustaining the capacity of teaching artists and supporting their impact on local communities. Engaging teaching artists to lead the arts learning is a core element of this program.

Arts in Health (AIH) Project Grants

From Emily Killinger, Arts in Health Program Coordinator at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts:


Our FY25 grant cycle is open - Arts in Health (AIH) Project Grants support arts experiences and artist residencies in health based- settings, or arts activities that deepen public health awareness and practice in New Hampshire communities. Our grants support arts activities that occur in community spaces (such as libraries) and health-based facilities; the latter may include hospitals, social service agencies, rehabilitation/ recovery centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day centers, senior centers, veterans’ homes, hospice/grief programs, and correctional facilities.


Featuring two main tracks of fields to which applicants can direct their projects.

  • The Health & Healing Track supports non-clinical arts engagement that promotes and facilitates individual health and healing through participatory arts programs or artist residencies as a primary focus of the project. Arts activities may occur in health-based or community spaces and may incorporate professional development components for health care staff. The goal of the Health & Healing Track is to utilize the arts to enhance quality of life and promote environments conducive to healing for patients, facility residents/clients, caregivers, and health care staff.
  • The Public Health Track supports arts activities that provide a public health benefit in New Hampshire communities as a primary focus of the project. Applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate with public health agencies and/or health or social service organizations, and/or to embed experts in related health fields into their projects. Arts activities may occur in health-based or community spaces and may also directly or indirectly engage people who are affected by the identified public health priority. The goals of the Public Health Track are to utilize the arts to generate awareness of social and structural determinants of health; encourage and promote health as a topic of public discourse; promote the arts and artists as partners in health-related strategies; and to build healthy communities for all New Hampshire citizens.


Grant Application deadline: May 3, 2024

for Project Dates: July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025


PLEASE NOTE: The grant program coordinator (Emily Killinger) will review and provide feedback on drafts of narrative questions and budgets if submitted by email at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.



Our free literacy programs and book giveaways inspire low-income, at-risk, and rural children throughout New Hampshire and Vermont to fall in love with books.Our programs include an application process for organizations that serve children who are at risk of growing up with low literacy skills. This helps us make sure that we support the children who need us most.

Library Grants to Explore

  • The Library Corporation extensive list of grants for libraries.
  • Library Grants blog is a good source of grant information.
  • Junior Library Guild also highlights a variety of grants to bolster the development of collections.
  • The Dollar General Literacy Foundation offers grants for programs that support literacy, serving students of all ages within Dollar General home town communities. 
  • Eisner Graphic Novel Grant for Libraries If you’re looking to build your library’s graphic novel collection, this is definitely a grant you should check out. The purpose of this grant is to increase awareness of the importance of graphic literature and chooses applicants who wish to create programs and services that will promote graphic novels. In order to apply for this grant, you must be a current ALA member. 
    Applications for this grant open annually in February. Each library receives $4,000, and they do require you to spend the money in certain ways, such as buying novels, hosting an event, and attending the ALA conference.
  • The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation awards up to 70 grants each year to public schools, public libraries, and public preschool programs. 
  • FINRA Foundation Library Grants Program – This grant program supports public libraries and academic libraries in their efforts to meet financial and/or investor education needs at the community level by providing high-quality education, services, and resources. The program also aims to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in access to personal finance education and information. 
  • Jan Stauber-Sherlock Holmes Literacy Grant The purpose of this grant is to foster a love of reading for students, specifically by introducing them to Sherlock Holmes books. The target audience is elementary, middle, and high schools in the USA and Canada. Applications for this grant can be submitted at any point throughout the year, and you can earn up to $1,000.
  • Peggy Barber Tribute Grant The Peggy Barber grant is associated with the American Library Association (ALA). Each year, the ALA chooses to focus the grant on a specific type of library programming. For example, this year, the grant focuses on programming related to increasing access for underserved groups or new library users. One unique feature of this library grant is that it is not school-specific, any type of literacy program can apply. Applications for this grant will reopen in December 2023. The maximum grant amount is $2,500.
  • The Pilcrow Foundation offers grants to rural libraries in the US that have suffered loss and damage due to recent natural disasters as well as help for libraries experiencing budgetary declines due to reduced or eliminated funding. 
  • Walmart offers grants of up to $5,000 to local nonprofit organizations within the service area of an individual Walmart or Sam’s Club store. Project should benefit the community at large. Eligible nonprofit organizations must operate on the local level or be an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally and directly benefit the service area of the store from which they are requesting funding. (Personal note: the best way to get this grant is to build a relationship with the local store manager. Some managers are happy to approve these grants. Others just let the applications languish. They have to sign off on the application before it moves up the chain.)

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T-Mobile Hometown Grants

T-Mobile is offering up to $50,000 to bring community projects to life in rural areas. The funding is meant to foster local connections, like technology upgrades, outdoor spaces, the arts, and community centers. Check out the T-Mobile grant page to learn more.

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