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Youth/Adult Library Services

Resources for Public Library Youth Services Staff


Most items can now be found in the NH State Library Catalog. For assistance please contact circulation at 

These items are available for circulation to any NH Public Library. If you are a New Hampshire school or other organization that would like to borrow any items from the Library of Things, please see your local public library to request. 

Accessible Youth Collection

Accessible Youth Collection

Modeled after a collection in the Vermont Department of Libraries ABLE Library, the New Hampshire State Library now has the following to borrow: 

  • High contrast picture books and board books. These books allow readers to see shapes and objects more easily.
  • WonderBooks:These books are picture and chapter books with a built-in audio component. This lets children listen to the book while following along with the text and pictures. These books are also helpful for adults who cannot read regular print. Adults can listen to the book with a child, which is a great way to promote literacy.
  • Youth Large Print Books: Large print can be key in growing reading skills and helping readers who struggle with regular print. 


Borrow a High Contrast & Sensory Pack:



Scanning Dictionary Pen (2)


About this item

  • Text To Speech Device: SVANTTO pen scanner will read the original text back to you after scanning, which is an effective read tool for people with dyslexia and reading difficulties. To make reading easier with an SVANTTO pen reader which can help you to reach your potential and improve independence and self-confidence, no longer feel lonely and inferior.
  • Text Excerpt: After using SVANTTO reading pen by scanning documents in real-time, you can get text and extract important text to computer or mobile phone effortlessly with a QR code, saving your time and improving your study or work efficiency.
  • Scan Translation: With OCR recognition technology, SVANTTO reading pen dictionary can scan words or sentences and then get the original translation. At the same time, you can get the pronunciation of the original and translated text, definitions, and spoken evaluation for the most popular 12 languages (offline mode). It's a gift for taking exams and multi-language learning.
  • Speech To Text: SVANTTO pen reader can automatically transcribe voice into text, at the same time the original and translated text are instantly played via the built-in speaker and shown on the pen. It's good for travel or studying abroad and a business trip to provide a simpler communication experience in a wide range of foreign countries, crossing-language barriers.
  • Humanized Design: SVANTTO reading pen supports bluetooth wifi connect, British accents and American accents, and the language of the interface can be set for the most popular 11 languages. A left-handed model is added, which is convenient for left-handers,Adjustable voice speed,Fast or slow speed can be set.

Nature Explorer Packs

Looking Closely Outdoor Learning Class Kit

This kit was curated and created by teachers Megan Zeni, Sarah Regan and Lauren MacLean. Megan and Sarah are job share partners teaching entirely outdoors in a K-7 garden classroom. Megan shares these experiences of outdoor play and learning on Instagram and Twitter at @roomtoplay. Lauren is a K-7 mentoring support teacher who has a love for playing, learning, and teaching outdoors. She is the host of the Mentoring Nature Connections podcast and author of Me and My Sit Spot.

Each kit includes book specific lesson sparks, guiding questions, and curricular connections for looking closely outdoors. Spend less time planning and more time exploring outdoors with your learners!

This kit includes:

  1. Sidewalk Flowers by JoArno Lawson and Sydney Smith
  2. What John Marco Saw by Annie Barrows
  3. Treasure by Mireille Messier
  4. Tiny, Perfect Things by M.H. Clark
  5. Finding Wild by Megan Wagner Lloyd
  6. Listen by Holly McGhee
  7. Small Wonders by Matthew Clark Smith
  8. Flotsam by David Wiesner
  9. Puddle by Richard Jackson
  10. Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

Nature Explorer Pack (2)

All of this comes in a backpack made from recycled pop bottles:

  • National Geographic 10x Magnification Binoculars
  • Handheld Field Magnifier & Explore your World Lanyard 
  • Two-way Nature Viewer
  • Animal Tracks & Traces Guide
  • Bugs & Slugs Guide
  • Pond Life Guide
  • Dip Net

Solar Eclipse Kits

The NH State Library has 2 Multi-generational kits and 2 Younger Audience kits. Contact Deborah Dutcher to borrow.

OSMO Learning Games

OSMO and Ipad kits ready for circulation: To borrow search OSMO in the NH State Library catalog. Loan is for 6 weeks but may be requested for longer. 

OSMO Kit #1  Little Genius


Ages 3-5   Pre-reading, storytelling, and fine motor skill development

Ipad #1, Osmo Base, 38 Silicone Sticks & Rings in Stackable Storage, 19 Costume Pieces in Stackable Storage, 1 Silicone Play Mat

Loaded games: ABC, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, Stories 

 OSMO Kit #2  Genius

Ages 6-10   Problem solving, spelling, puzzles and math

Ipad #2, Osmo Base, 7 Tangram Pieces in Stackable Storage, 40 Number Tiles in Stackable Storage, 52 Word Tiles in Stackable Storage

Loaded games: Words, Numbers, Tangram, Newton, Masterpiece

      OSMO Kit #3  Start Coding

Ages 5-10   Coding Basics, Sequencing, Loops and Problem Solving

Ipad #3, Osmo Base, 31 Coding Blocks

Loaded games: Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Due, Newton, Masterpiece 


 OSMO Kit #4  Creative Starter Kit

Ages 5-10   Drawing, Word Problems

Ipad #4, Osmo Base, Creative Board, 4 Dry Erase Markers, Microfiber Erase Pouch


 OSMO Kit#5  Monster


Ages 5-10   Bring Your Drawings to Life

Ipad #5, Osmo Base, Creative Board, 4 Dry Erase Markers, Microfiber Erase Pouch



 OSMO Kit#6  Pretend Play

(Pizza Co. & Detective Agency)


Ages 5-10   

Ipad #6, Osmo Base; Pizza Co: Pizza Tray, Toppings and Money Tiles, Stackable Storage; Detective Agency: Magnifying Glass, Map Holder, 4 Double Sided Maps


Traveling Kitchen

The Traveling Kitchen contains common kitchen tools and appliances for a public library program. This kit was modeled on kits that the Culinary Literacy Center at the Philadelphia Free Library built for their branch libraries to utilize.

The Traveling Kitchens (we circulate 2 collections) are now in the catalog. You may reserve online or call circulation at NHSL for help. 

Welcoming Library

Seeking to reverse negative narratives about immigration and to build a nation where we all belong, the nonprofit I’m Your Neighbor Books shares and builds conversations around children's books that depict immigrant and new generation families. Research shows that meeting one another on the page builds the welcoming skills of long-term Americans and creates a crucial sense of belonging for New Arrivals and their New Generations. Welcoming Library Curated Collection & Conversation Our signature project is the Welcoming Library, a curated 30-book, all-ages picture book collection that powerfully and uniquely depicts global, modern migration and the generations that build their lives in a new home. Each book contains a unique set of discussion questions written by I’m Your Neighbor Books and their cultural advisors. The ready-to-use questions, affixed to the endpapers, deepen the reader's social emotional response—building welcoming skills and increasing feelings of belonging

The Welcoming Library comes in two red totes.  This special collection is available to be hosted at your library, school or organization. To borrow, contact Deborah Dutcher, Library Services Consultant. The New Hampshire State Library. The Welcoming Library kits were made possible with support from the Hesed Foundation, Institute of Museum and Library Services and New Hampshire Humanities.

Play-Based Learning Toys


Blocks Rock Deluxe Set - Your game set includes 24 solid wood blocks, 2 decks of cards, durable carrying case, a bell for gameplay



2 sets of 122 Medium Size black Imagination Playground bones that can be used to build a dinosaur from the past, a futuristic insect, or an alien from outer space.

2 sets of this tabletop set that includes 105 black Imagination Playground bones.

Each bones set comes with the Have You Seen My Dinosaur book



140 Pieces

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.