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New Hampshire Downloadable Books: For Readers

A Guide to New Hampshire Downloadable Books for eBook and Audiobook Users

Security Warnings on Apple Devices

From OverDrive: As of October 2021, Libby is no longer supported on iPhones and iPads running iOS 9. This is because of a recent change made by Libby's web certificate provider (learn more about their change).

This change may also affect those trying to use in older web browsers.

Affected users may see security warnings in Libby or have trouble using some or all of Libby's features, including signing in, browsing, borrowing, or loading content.

To continue using Libby:

If updates aren't available, please switch to another device supported by Libby.

Downloading MP3 Audiobooks on Windows Computer

All Windows computers require the OverDrive Media Console software to download an MP3 audiobook. Unfortunately, the OMC has been removed from all app stores and is no longer available to install. If you have the software installed on a Windows computer, it is possible to continue to download MP3s at this time, until approximately the end of 2022. Note that you will need to click on "Do you have the OverDrive app?' to see the MP3 download option. 

Libby App on Kindle Fires

The Libby app is now available for the Kindle Fire from the Kindle App Store! (Update: 31 May 2023)

When moving from the version of Libby that was "sideloaded" to the Kindle Fire manually to the version hosted on the Kindle App Store, users may lose their Libby Timeline Activity, search history, and app customizations! Users will not lose their current checkouts, holds, or tags. 

If users wish to retain their history of borrowed books, we recommend adding a smart tag before deleting the old Libby app to capture those previously checked out titles. See smart tag instructions from OverDrive. 

View these tips from OverDrive on switching from the "sideloaded" version of Libby to the one offered in the Amazon Kindle App Store.


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.