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New Hampshire Downloadable Books: For Readers

A Guide to New Hampshire Downloadable Books for eBook and Audiobook Users

Your Libby Shelf (July 2024)

You might have noticed that your shelf in the Libby app looks a little different! The page has been redesigned to include highlight the loans and holds -- and now includes your timeline and notifications! 

Libby Shelf Redesigned

Your tags have moved to the bottom of the app for easy retrieval. 

Bonus Update: Each title in lists and search results will have a three-line excerpt of its description, so you can evaluate titles more quickly and conveniently while browsing your collection.

Recovery Passkey (July 2024)

With the July 2024 Libby app update, users will be able to create a recovery passkey to restore your data or keep your devices in sync. It is highly recommended that everyone create a passkey and securely store it for future use. 

From the vendor: 

Users will be able to create a Recovery Passkey to back up their library cards, tags, and reading history on their device, and to transfer that data to other devices. It's simple, highly secure, and free of logins or passwords to remember. Passkeys are supported in Libby on iOS 17+ and Android 9+ devices.

Additionally, for enhanced security, Setup Codes will reverse direction. The eight-digit setup code will show on the user’s additional device. The user will enter the code on their original device to copy their data to the additional device.

Going forward, OverDrive will recommend using a recovery passkey wherever possible, rather than a setup code. It’s simpler, safer, and works even if a user no longer has their original device.

Libby App Passkey

Installing the Libby App

Libby, by OverDrive is required to listen to digital audiobooks and one way to read eBooks on a tablet or smartphone. The app is free to install on your Apple or Android device. 


1.PNG       2.PNG


The first time you load Libby, you will walk through these welcome screens. 


  3.PNG       4.PNG   5.PNG  

Find your library -- allow the app to find your location via IP address or search for the library by inputting your zip code -- and add your library card. Any result for “New Hampshire State Library” is acceptable. You will need to sign into your local public library when you add your card. 




Sign in with your library card number. Rename your card, as needed, to manage multiple cards. 


Checking Out an eBook on Libby

Checking out an eBook on the Libby app is a quick way to get reading! 

Listening to an Audiobook

With the Libby app, you can enjoy an audiobook on your tablet or smartphone on the go! 

Early Returns

While it is not necessary to return a title to the collection (since it will return itself at the end of the lending period), early returns gets the title to the next person on the waiting list sooner -- and allows you to check out a new title! 

Sora App for Schools

In summary, Sora is “Libby” for schools. (The Libby app will not connect to a school’s OverDrive service.) Sora finds and applies an OverDrive service from a school, but it also allows students to add NHDB to the app. Note in the second image below (under New Hampshire State Library) a small downward arrow that toggles between the two services. 

Things to know about Sora: 

  • Sora has to first be connected to a school account. 

  • Sora can connect to NHDB, but the students must enter their public library card number to log into NHDB and check out public library eBooks and digital audiobooks. 

  • Sora will only show YA and juvenile titles from the public library’s service. 

  • Sora likely does not show adult titles from the public library’s service. 

  • Sora will show adult titles purchased by the school, but not adult titles from the public library. 

  • It is possible for school librarians to assign books to students, hence the additional student features found in Sora.  


Libby App for Kindle Fires

The Libby app is now available for the Kindle Fire from the Kindle App Store! (Update: 31 May 2023)

When moving from the version of Libby that was "sideloaded" to the Kindle Fire manually to the version hosted on the Kindle App Store, users may lose their Libby Timeline Activity, search history, and app customizations! Users will not lose their current checkouts, holds, or tags. 

If users wish to retain their history of borrowed books, we recommend adding a smart tag before deleting the old Libby app to capture those previously checked out titles. See smart tag instructions from OverDrive. 

View these tips from OverDrive on switching from the "sideloaded" version of Libby to the one offered in the Amazon Kindle App Store.


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.