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New Hampshire Downloadable Books: For Readers

A Guide to New Hampshire Downloadable Books for eBook and Audiobook Users

Reading a Digital Magazine

The NHDB has added a large collection (December 2020) of simultaneous, unlimited checkout magazine titles to the collection. In the Libby app, the magazines are checked out and used very similarly as the eBooks. Due to their large file size, you may need to update your Download Settings to allow for magazines to be downloaded on cellular settings. The magazine titles expire after 14 days, but can be checked out again. As time goes on, back issues will be available for continued checkout. 

Non-English Titles

As the collection contains titles from around the world, the site warns you when you are about to checkout a magazine in another language: 

Note that the magazine checkouts do not count against your overall checkouts and you may borrow as many magazine issues as you wish. 

Downloading a Magazine Issue to Libby

Like, eBooks and audiobooks, magazines can be downloaded for off-line reading within the Libby app. After successfully checking out an issue, note the “cloud” icon that indicates that the item has not yet been downloaded. 

  • Tap the cloud icon to start downloading if the download does not start automatically.

  • The magazine issue has been downloaded to the Libby device when the cloud is replaced with a check mark. 

Article View

The magazine layout makes reading articles challenging on small devices. Most -- but not all-- newly added magazines include an “article view” that reformats the text and keeps the images for a pleasant reading experience on a small device.  

  • Tap the small reader view circle icon at the bottom of any page. 

  • When in article view, swipe down from the top (or tap the top of the screen) to exit. 

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This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.