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New Hampshire Downloadable Books: For Readers

A Guide to New Hampshire Downloadable Books for eBook and Audiobook Users

Kindle Overview

  • You can use any web browser on any internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone to visit our NHDB site and to checkout an eBook in Kindle Book format.

  • Turn on your Kindle device and connect to wi-fi or open your Kindle app and sync the device or app to download and start reading the library’s Kindle Book.

If you own a Kindle eReader, a Kindle Fire, or have installed the Kindle App on your smartphone or tablet: 

  • Most, but not all, of the eBooks in the NHDB collection are compatible with the Kindle eReader or app. 

  • The Kindle app can be installed for free on a wide variety of Apple, Android, Windows, or Blackberry devices. 

  • The Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire do not require an app for Kindle Books, but the Kindle Fire will require an app for the digital magazines and audiobooks. (Discontinuing in 2023)

  • Kindle eInk eReaders cannot play audiobooks or be used to read digital magazines. 

Compatible Formats 

  • Kindle Books

    • Kindle Books can be transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi to a Kindle, Kindle Fire, or to a wide variety of devices with an installed Kindle app. 

    • Kindle Books can be transferred with a USB cable to Kindle eReaders, but not to a tablet or smartphone with the Kindle App installed.

Kindle Requirements

  • You must have a library card in good standing at one of the 200 member New Hampshire Public Libraries. 

  • You need to know your card number and perhaps a library account PIN, password, or prefix. Contact your local librarian for more information. 

  • You will need to know your Amazon ID (email address) and password to send Kindle Books onto your device or download to a computer for USB cable loading.

Checking Out a Kindle Book

A Kindle Book can be sent wirelessly to any Kindle eReader or to a smartphone or tablet device with the Kindle app installed. Your borrowing/delivery options include:

  • Using a computer to search, check out, and deliver the Kindle Book to the Kindle app or Kindle eReader.

  • Using the default web browser, such as Chrome on an Android device or Safari on an Apple device, to search, check out, and deliver the Kindle Book to the Kindle app or Kindle eReader. 

  • Using the Libby app on an Android or Apple device to send the eBook to the Kindle app or a dedicated Kindle eInk Reader. 

Browse the collection and once you find a Kindle Book you wish to read… 

  • Select an eBook and tap “Borrow.” A pop-up message will appear stating that the book has been successfully checked out and to “Read Now with Kindle.”

  • The title can also be found by visiting “My Account >> Loans.” 

  • After checking out an eBook on the Libby app, select "Read with..." to select the Kindle version of the title. 

  Libby Kindle Checkout1

  • On the Libby app, you might be prompted to select a preference. I said “no thanks” to stay more flexible with my choices.     

Pro Tip: A small percentage of titles in the NHDB collection are not compatible with Kindle eReaders and/or the Kindle app. If the book is not available in Kindle Book format, try the Read Now (Libby) format on smartphone or tablet devices. This is the default format for the Libby app. 

  • If you are using the Libby app, you will have a choice to select Kindle...   

Libby Kindle Amazon Account

At the Amazon Site

You are brought directly to the Amazon website. If you are using a computer to send your Kindle Books to a Kindle device and are not logged into the correct account, you will notice an orange button that prompts you to sign into Amazon. Do not tap this “Sign In” button. It will not bring you to the correct place. Only tap the “Get Library Book” button. Sign into your Amazon account. If you are already logged into Amazon, make sure that this is the correct account. 

Amazon Croppped.PNG

Pro Tip: The Amazon account used to check out the eBook must be the same account used to register the Kindle or Kindle app! If the user logs into the Amazon account and the app (or Kindle device) is not listed, the user logged into the wrong account. Unfortunately, the Kindle Book cannot be transferred to another Kindle account. If this happens and the patron is using the Kindle app on a smartphone or tablet, consider trying the OverDrive Read Now format in the OverDrive app, a computer browser, or the new Libby app. 

Extra tip: Signing into the Amazon account on your device prior to checking out a Kindle Book is helpful to ensuring you are checking the book out to the correct account.   

  • Always check that you are signed into the correct account that is associated with your Kindle. This is especially important for families that have multiple Amazon accounts. 

Libby Kindle Amazon Account Choice

  • The Kindle Book will be delivered to your device/app. 

Libby Amazon Kindle Success


Pro Tip: The Kindle Book can be delivered to another Kindle device or Kindle app registered to the same account by clicking on “Manage Your Content and Device” or viewing material in the Kindle Cloud from the app or device itself and selecting the title to download to the device.

Returning Kindle Book Early

  • Once an eBook has been selected to use as a Kindle Book, it can be returned from the Amazon >> Manage Your Content and Devices website (or from the Libby app or from the NHDB website >> My Account >> My Loans. 

  • Browse or search for the desired title, tap the [...] button under “Actions” to get the menu for a particular title.

  • Tap on “Return this book.”

return kindle book.jpg

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.