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Censorship Guidance & Resources: Home

Policy samples and guidance related to book and program challenges, as well as information about "divisive concepts"

NH Public Library Policies - Collection Development and Requests for Reconsideration of Materials & Programs

NH Public Library Reconsideration Policy Samples (includes both materials and programs):

Goffstown Public Library ( - Collection Development Policy, which includes their Request for Reconsideration form/policy

Library Policies | Wadleigh Memorial Library ( - scroll down to Request for Reconsideration of Materials or Programs policy link, and the link for their Request for Reconsideration form

Nesmith Library (Windham) Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials or Programs (March 2022) - see pdf linked below


NH Public Library PROGRAM Policy & Reconsideration Form Samples

Jaffrey Public Library Program Policy (March 2022): programpolicy_final_march2022.pdf (

Newbury Public Library Programming Policy and Request for Reconsideration (November 2021) - see pdf linked below, section VIII


NH Public Library COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT Policy & MATERIALS Reconsideration Form Samples

Jaffrey Public Library Collection Development Policy (April 2017): collection_development_policy.pdf ( (Request for Reconsideration policy/form included)

Newbury Public Library Collection Development Policy & Reconsideration Procedure (November 2021) - see pdf linked below, section VII

Library Censorship Resources - ALA, United for Libraries & Other National Organizations

American Library Association Condemns Proposed State Legislation Limiting Access to Information on Reproductive Health, 8/9/2022

A Template for Talking with School and Library Boards About Book Bans, 8/5/2022: A Template for Talking with School and Library Boards About Book Bans: Book Censorship News, August 5, 2022 (

EveryLibrary Institute web page on the Utah AG memo regarding school library materials, minors, and SCOTUS case law: Utah AG Publishes Clear Guidance Protecting School Libraries From Censorship - EveryLibrary Institute 

UTAH Attorney General Memo, 5/4/2022 - see below for pdf document

5/24/2022 Webjunction webinar, Book Challenges and Intellectual Freedom: Proactive Planning for Public LIbraries

Resource Overview - National Coalition Against Censorship (

How To Fight Book Bans and Challenges: An Anti-Censorship Tool Kit ( - 12/16/2021

ALA Resources Regarding Book/Program Challenges: Fight Censorship | Advocacy, Legislation & Issues (

Challenge Reporting | Tools, Publications & Resources (

Selection & Reconsideration Policy Toolkit for Public, School, & Academic Libraries | Tools, Publications & Resources (

How to Respond to Challenges and Concerns about Library Resources | Tools, Publications & Resources (

Guidelines for Reconsideration Committees | Tools, Publications & Resources (

Working with the Media | Tools, Publications & Resources (

ALA Social Media Toolkit

Intellectual Freedom Blog post 1/11/2022 - Fighting Censorship with ALA Social Media Toolkit

United for Libraries - Resources for Trustees & Governing Bodies

Terms & Definitions Related to Intellectual Freedom & Censorship: if_censorship_terms_definitions_united_for_libraries.pdf (

Materials Challenges: Key Policies to Review & Revise: materials_challenges_key_library_policies_to_review_and_revise_united_for_libraries.pdf (

"Divisive Concepts" Language from NH House Bill 2

Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education, section 354-A:29 from HB2 (June 2021) - see pdf below.

Guidance regarding "divisive concepts" legislation from NH Attorney General's Office (7/21/2021): faq-public-government.pdf (

Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education | Department of Education ( (web portal 11/10/21)

Other State "Divisive Concepts" Legislation


Education Week, 7/15/2021 - "Map - Where Critical Race Theory is Under Attack"

KCCI Des Moines, IA 6/30/2021 - "With 'divisive concepts' law set to take effect, analyst explains critical race theory controversy"

US News, 6/23/2021 - "Bills Banning Critical Race Theory Advance in States Despite Its Absence in Many Classrooms"

Articles/Letters about NH HB2 "Divisive Concepts" Language

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