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COVID-19 Resources: Home

Compilation of resources related to COVID-19 issues for New Hampshire public libraries (formerly a NH Library Association web page)


This page is the clearinghouse for information that has been posted on the NHAIS listserv, the NHSL web site, and associated shared Google folders and professional blogs/resources during the COVID-19 pandemic that began in March 2020. On 7/20/20, some resources from this page were removed and archived to document the earlier stages of the pandemic, in order to streamline the page as NH continues to phase in re-opening of business and activities. 

On July 7, 2021 the page content was moved from the NH Library Association (NHLA) web site due to technical issues with accessing the NHLA web site. At that time the resources on the page were culled to remove outdated information and streamline the information most pertinent to libraries now. Library policy examples previously listed on the NHLA COVID-19 web page have been moved to a new NHSL LibGuide page for Sample NH Public Library Policies.

If you feel that a resource should be added to this site, please email Lori Fisher, with a short description and a link to be viewed.

New Resources & Library Status Spreadsheet

8/31/2021 Employers & Vaccinations

NHMA Legal Guidance for Mandating Vaccinations of Local Government Employees (8/31/2021)

Law text, NH Medical Freedom Legislation (signed by Governor into law 7/23/2021):

Article from New Hampshire Bulletin, 8/9/2021: When It comes to vaccine mandates, employers have the law on their side.

7/28/2021 NHAIS list serv discussion: new CDC guidance

New guidance from CDC on masks for vaccinated individuals, 7/27/2021

CDC Map that shows transmission level by county  (**note that this web page will NOT open in Internet Explorer browsers; all other browsers are compatible)

Article, How to Process the New CDC Mask Guidelines, The Atlantic 7/27/2021

Article, Your Vaccinated Immune System Is Ready for Breakthroughs, The Atlantic 7/26/2021

The following link is for the Library Status Google Spreadsheet, originally created by Greg McClay (Pelham Public LIbrary) in April 2020, and now maintained by the NH State Library:

Covid Status: Coop - Google Sheets

The only way this sheet is useful is if the majority of NH libraries continue to update their library's status and enter a date into Column A indicating when the latest revisions was completed.

A few pointers about the sheet to make it as useful as possible for all:

  • The sheet is sorted by Library Name (column B) so it is easier for those editing their library's row to find their info. A few libraries have duplicate entries - I would ask those libraries to delete one of the row entries and keep one that is updated. If you need assistance doing this, please reach out by email.
  • Make sure to update the revision/review date (column A) every time you update your library's status. This allows librarians who download the sheet to sort it and review the most up-to-date revisions more closely.
  • If a column does not pertain to your library (such as column J, Meeting Room Status), please put n/a (not applicable) so that everyone knows that this particular piece of info is not something your library is dealing with.
  • DO NOT SORT THE SHEET IN GOOGLE DRIVE! Download the sheet to your own device/hard drive and then sort it. This allows the sheet to remain in a format that is easily updated by everyone, keeping library names in alphabetical order and all information correct across the columns for each library.

Re-Opening & COVID Resources for Employers

State/National Re-opening Resources:

Resources about the COVID-19 Virus:

Library Materials & COVID-19:


HVAC Systems & COVID-19:

Employee Vaccination:

Quarantine/COVID-19 Guidance for Employers:

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the New Hampshire State Library.